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Industrial Water Treatment

Water plays an important role in many industrial applications as its composition must correspond with the exact needs for different processes. We can offer you solutions for different industrial water ranging from cooling and boiler feed water in power stations, to process water for a wide range of industrial uses including ultrapure water for the electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

We offer tailor made solutions for each specific task. We have an extensive portfolio of treatment processes to secure the right quantitative and qualitative supply of water to industrial companies, covering every need from conventional processes to high-performance systems (e.g. membrane processes).

Our solutions are safe, reliable, low-maintenance and offer high economy.

We have the right solutions for:

  • Cooling water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Service water
  • Process and ultra pure water

Cooling water

Depending on the raw water source – whether it is surface or ground water or treated wastewater and the employment of single or multi-stage systems: e.g.

  • From: Screening and Filtration;
  • To: Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis.

Boiler feed water

Demineralisation plants are utilized to treat various raw water sources for industrial companies (refineries, paper industry, power plants, etc.).

Technologies employed:

  • Reverse Osmosis;
  • Ion Exchange;
  • Electrochlorination;
  • Cartridge filter;
  • Activated Carbon Filter, etc.


Process and ultrapure water

According to high quality requirements, multi-stage and high-performance technologies are employed as a rule:

  • Membrane processes;
  • (UF, MF, NF, RO, EDR);
  • Distillation;
  • Ion Exchange;
  • Disinfection.

Industrial Wastewater

Perfect combination of efficiency and economy

Industrial wastewater contains a diversity of impurities and its treatment constitutes a special task. WABAG understand your business and offer sustainable solutions in order to meet the emission limits that are  constantly being tightened up. Closed circuits and product recovery in various production processes are becoming an increasing priority among manufacturing companies. 

WABAG can refer to its long-term experience in the industrial wastewater treatment sector. The resulting expertise is advantageously employed for the technical and economic optimisation of each subsequent facility. The treatment process may contain mechanical, biological and chemical physical process steps.

In the case of biological, anaerobic wastewater treatment we employ conventional processes and high performance reactors which possess a small footprint. We have completed a large number of large-scale plants on the basis of the world’s most frequently used UASB process. Other systems are also utilised in accordance with the characteristics of the wastewater, e.g. the activated sludge process or our high-performance BIOPUR® system for less polluted water. In the case of maximum cleaning requirements (e.g. water reuse) we employ membrane processes with submerged or external membranes. The advantages are considerable savings of liquid resources and practically zero discharge of wastewater.

Following processes are used:

Aerobic biological processes:

- Activated sludge processes (CYCLOPUR®, Hybrid™)

- Biofiltration (BIOPUR®)

- Moving bed biology (FLUOPUR®)


- NEREDA®, etc.

Anaerobic biological processes:

- EKJ-process™


- an-OPUR™

Chemical-physical processes:

- Flocculation
- Clarification
- Filtration, Membrane filtration
- Desalination
- Oxidationn (BIOZONE®, ADOX®), etc.


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