WABAG Water Services enhances educational facilities at UTCB

We are pleased to announce that WABAG Romania has sponsored the comprehensive renovation of UTCB's I-3 classroom, which had not seen updates in over 50 years. This initiative reflects WABAG Romania's commitment to social responsibility and supporting local educational institutions to enhance academic performance and shape a better future for the next generations.
The project included:
- Walls and ceiling restoration
- New radiator system installation
- Flooring replacement
- Modern lighting system implementation
- New window curtains
- Innovative classroom design
- Modern facilities and furniture (desks, chairs)
- New whiteboard installation

This challenging project was successfully completed within just two months with valuable assistance from Mr. Arh. Mihail Neagu from and was entirely sponsored by WABAG Romania.

Mr. Erwin Mötz, expressed his pride in supporting the academic environment and education. He stated: "This project underscores the effectiveness of long-term partnerships between universities and private enterprises, benefiting students and enhancing company’s competitiveness. We view this as our gesture of gratitude to the academic community for contributing to our skilled personnel development. Our employees are our greatest asset, and witnessing the positive outcomes of our contribution is truly rewarding."

Mr. Alexandru Dimache, the Dean of the Faculty of Hydrotechnics, expressed his deep gratitude: “We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the WABAG Water Services company, for the contribution to the development of the material base that will ensure the best quality conditions for the didactic process in our faculty. The permanent collaboration with the WABAG specialists, some of them former students at the Faculty of Hydrotechnics, is concretised also, in this form, for the educational space, modernized at the highest standards. Once again, thank you!”

UTCB Inauguration

Customs solutions for every type of water

Our global references enable production of > 26 million m³ of pure water every day!

Wide range of chemical, physical and biological processes

Multi-barrier systems.

Multi-stage treatment processes for surface water.

Our lake water treatment plants form the backbone of the regional water supply in many places.



The most precious resource

WABAG is an expert in the treatment of ground and surface water providing optimal solutions using conventional and advanced process technologies.

We deliver drinking water treatment plants that cater to the different needs of individual Municipalities. With more than 90 years of experience, we are a reliable partner for Municipalities. Whether you have a project for the renovation/expansion of an existing plant or creating a brand new one, our experts can support with the complete solution.

Drinking water treatment

We ensure safe and secure
supply of water

We have solutions for diverse municipal water treatment needs by providing premium services and solutions to municipal water customers. Municipal authorities can rely on our municipal water treatment expertise.We are supplying more than 92 million people with safe drinking water each day.

For water treatment we use our own technologies:

- BIODEN® for selective nitrate removal;

- Lamella Clarifier technology OPUR-SK;

- Advanced Adsorption and Membrane Filtration processes (PACOPUR®, CERAMOPUR®, CERAMOZONE®)


Elimination of micro-pollutants

Use of enhanced oxidation processes for the treatment of micropollutants (e.g. pesticides):

  • ADOX®

Advanced filtration

  • WABAG Drainage system
  • WABAG Nozzle floor system

Membrane filtration

As a response to strict demands for flexibility and purity levels (Micro-, Ultra-, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis).

For advanced used backwash water recycling.
Application of ceramic membranes:


Denitrification processes

Selective nitrate removal of ground water with high nitrate levels.

  • ENR® 
Getauchte Ultrafiltration

Wastewater Treatment

for every requirements

WABAG promotes sustainability with wastewater treatment solutions that ensure environmentally friendly discharge or reuse of treated wastewater effluent.

We provides optimised solutions extending from water softening to almost total nutrient removal. The key technologies employed include one-stage and two-stage activated sludge processes, membrane bioreactor technology (MARAPUR®), biofiltration (BIOPUR®) and moving bed biology (FLUOPUR®).
Our vast experience is continually being supplemented through intensive research work. Therefore, apart from standard technical processes, we are also able to offer highly efficient new developments.

SUSTAINABLE: The focus lies on energy optimisation, improvement in the CO2 balance and the multiple use of treated used water.

WABAG Filtration

MICROPUR®- Advanced mechanical pre-treatment

Fine sieving process for conventional WWTPs:

  • MICROPUR-CAS® and MBR plants:

MARAPUR® Membrane Bioreactor

Membrane bioreactor technology has greatly enhanced the performance capability of biological wastewater treatment in both the municipal and industrial sectors.

Offering the highest technological standard for maximum cleaning performance.

BIOPUR®- Biofiltration

Where space is limited and the highest levels of integration are needed. 
Use of different filter media enables the process to be adapted to a wide range of used water types and treatment targets.

FLUOPUR® - Moving bed process

Low investment and operating costs
Excellent cleaning performance.
High flexibility based on different process applications.


Advanced biological treatment using ozone.


Adsorption onto powder activated carbon or granulated activated carbon.For the elimination of persistent contaminants, e.g. micropollutants.
Advanced biological treatment using ozone.

Advanced filtration

  • WABAG Drainage system
  • WABAG Nozzle floor system

Sludge Treatment

The perfect combination of producing green energy and cost saving.

The increasing sludge volumes generated by municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment processes have become a major environmental challenge for our clients.
With our solutions and design we are able to minimize sludge generation and also remove dangerous substances prior to disposal. 

We guarantee rigorous compliance with health and environmental standards


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