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WABAG Water Services offers a complete range of solutions for the treatment of water and wastewater. We guarantee to use technically proven solutions that are customised for your project.


Water is one of Earth’s most valuable commodities and it is in all our interests to conserve this precious resource. We offer to deliver water and wastewater solutions that are reliable, sustainable, and safe. Our water and wastewater engineering capabilities allow us to offer you integrated solutions. We deliver personalized EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) projects for water and wastewater treatment plants. We can carry out preliminary evaluations, design options and feasibility studies for our Clients.

Our comprehensive technical and economic ‘know how’ guarantees our Clients efficient project realization in terms of both time and cost. The projects we deliver benefit from the added value of WABAG’s many years of experience in the water sector at all stages of a plants history. With many repeat customers we are proud of our record as an engineering company with tailor made solutions for your water and wastewater project. 

Our EPC solutions and dedicated team will ensure you timely completion of the plant keeping in mind all your requirements.

Do you need a solution for your water problems? Then ask our experts at:

Chirita WTP 
Chirita WTP
Cugir WWTP


From old to new - we offer you professional technological optimization of the wastewater treatment plants.

In the case of existing plants, we offer custumized solutions for optimize existing operations and identify sustainable options for the future.
Our Turnkey Optimization services include: engineering, procurement, supply, construction, installation and commissioning of all related processes and plant components. Our know-how and experience allows us to carry complex projects for a range of different industries.

Petrobrazi Refurbisment 
Petrobrazi Refurbisment
Petrobrazi Refurbisment

Operation & Maintenance


As a Global player providing water and wastewater treatment solutions we offer our Clients unrivalled experience in cost effective wastewater management. Partnering with us to evaluate and address water and wastewater treatment issues can result in significant operational and capital cost savings together with significant improvements in operations and regulatory compliance.  

This is what we are best at doing, leaving you free to focus on your cash management and staff allowing you to raise the profitability of your core business.

Our experience is your advantage

Water management is a demanding task. Operational management restricts resources in both administration and human resources areas. At the same time, optimum and efficient water management, which frequently represents an unknown technical area, is a highly responsible assignment..

We guarantee quality, process optimisation and increased efficiency

Wabag’s vast wealth of experience derived from the design and construction of innumerable water facilities together with the skills developed from the long term operation of such plants, provide it with the ability to improve the operational performance of other plants belonging to third parties.

We do this by analysing the efficiency of the design process incorporated and examining the organizational structures that are in place. WABAG possesses extensive know-how and recognised competence in the areas of water and operational management and can therefore optimise the running of plants and thus contribute to their success.

We assume complete responsibility for the technical and/or commercial management of water and  wastewater treatment plants and support you as a partner throughout the entire water cycle.

Good reasons for selecting WABAG as a partner:

Fixed operating costs throughout the duration of the contract.
A reduction in personnel and operating costs.
Ability to secure high levels of plant availability.
Training and integration of the available specialist personnel.
Expert consulting during investment decision making and access to the results from WABAG's research centres.
Plant modernization in line with the state-of-the-art technologies.


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